Video Is Under-utilised SEO Asset: Here's How You Can Get It Right

Marketers and SEO analysts have realized that if they want to grow their reach organically, they need to do more than just keyword research and backlinking. 

Time and again, Google has updated its search algorithms to prioritize high-value content. The Google Penguin and Panda updates did just that by ranking content in order of their overall quality. 

So, if you want a page to rank high, you need to ensure that the content quality of the page is up to the mark and provides value to users.

Video is a highly underutilized SEO medium. Although brands and marketers have just begun to include video in their overall marketing strategy, they seem to prioritize other forms of content and do not prioritize video for SEO purposes.

If videos are properly implemented by positioning them as a major SEO factor, they can have a significant impact on your brand’s visibility and your overall SEO strategy. 

In this post, we will be looking at a few ways through which you can leverage videos as an SEO asset and how videos can be leveraged to promote a higher conversion rate.

How To Use Video For SEO?

Before you jump on a video maker and start making promo videos for your brand, step back for a second. What do you want to achieve through your videos, or whom do you want to target? 

Do you want to enhance brand recognition? Or, do you want to increase your conversion rate? Or a little bit of both?

It is crucial that you decide your goals first before hopping on your video creation journey. 

If you have a goal in your mind, the entire video creation process becomes easy as you would be able to conceptualize the video before-hand, leading to optimal utilization of time & resources. Having a goal in mind also helps you in measuring results. 

Now, let’s have a look at how video can benefit your SEO strategy.

Benefits Of Deploying Videos For SEO

Just like with other SEO models, there are a number of similar benefits that videos provide, along with a few more. 

There is one thing to keep in mind, though. If you are deploying to videos on your website, try to host them on your website itself. 

A video that is hosted on your page has an enormous potential to build quality backlinks directly for your site. 

This ensures that you achieve the full potential of your video SEO as the video is directly linked to your domain.

Although the potential downsides of hosting videos on your site include less visibility or reduced shares, the benefits far outweigh the cons.

Another crucial aspect is to ensure top-notch video quality – both in terms of resolution and the content being put out. If your video provides value to your users, the journey towards a higher search rank becomes much easier.

Let’s begin with the benefits of video SEO:

1. Link Building

A nicely finished video with quality content has the potential to generate thousands of high-quality backlinks for your website.

The catch here is to create a high-quality video with exceptional content that lures viewers and generates enormous engagement.

This can be achieved by making an emotionally impactful video that leaves a lasting impression on your viewers.

The video must provide something of value to your viewer. It can make the viewer happy, sad, excited, or a combination of these emotions.

Once you succeed in forming an emotional connection with the audience, they are more likely to share or talk about your video on their social platforms or even share it with the link that leads back to your website.

2. Enhance the conversion rate

Increasing conversion rates through videos go hand in hand with website optimization. 

Once the viewer watches your video and comes to your website through an integrated link, a highly optimized website may prove to be an essential factor in facilitating their final purchase.

Videos can serve as an effective medium to increase traffic to your website and can prove to be a fantastic way to enhance the effective conversion rate. 

Even when a visitor lands on your website, a precisely placed video can help you in garnering their attention and educating them more about your product or service. 

If you are familiar with snippets, or rich snippets that incorporate video content, you might have noticed that Google displays search results that have videos on their landing pages in the upper portion of the search results page.

This provides the user with a glimpse of what is awaiting them once they click on the link and land on the page.

These rich results can help your link stand out from the rest of the crowd, and users would be more inclined to click on rich results.

If you have a video on your website, you simply need to add a code and an XML sitemap to Google through the webmaster tool to get your page indexed on the Google search results.

Final Thoughts

With video consumption skyrocketing across digital platforms, it was imperative for the medium to emerge as a major SEO driver. 

Contrary to the popular notion that video creation is expensive and time-consuming, online video creation platforms akin to a YouTube video editor that can help you in creating stunning videos within seconds.

Deploying videos instead of infographics or other similar forms of content can generate tremendous ROI for your marketing spends and goes a long way in building thousands of high-quality backlinks for your website.


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