The Things Nobody Will Tell You About Video And SEO

video and seo

After creating a good quality video with excellent content, you have to publish on the platform to help the audience know more about the topic. But sadly, some videos get immersed in the video pool without any notice. When you analyze what’s wrong in the video, you find some minor flaws in the title or description. It is due to the lack of understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

General ways to promote your video:

  1. Send email to your subscribers regarding the release of a new video.
  2. Post a message on social media and share them.
  3. Embed videos in the blogs.
  4. Sharing videos on Quora and Forum.

These ways can increase the traffic to your video for a short time only. In the long term, you need to use SEO techniques.

With 4,000 hours of videos uploaded every minute on YouTube and many more in other platforms, your videos need SEO to stand at the top. There is much to speak on video and SEO, but little is expressed on this topic. Video SEO techniques are required to bring your video on the first page of Google and YouTube searches. This is possible with some important hacks. By understanding the basics of video SEO, you can receive more clicks. In this article, let us discuss the link between video and SEO and how you can optimize the clicks to your video.

Through the help of a movie maker, you need to also implement video SEO for reaching a wide audience. SEO needs to be started from the title to the content of the video. The main sections of an online video are the title, thumbnails, description, quality, content, transcripts, and tags.

Title of the video/convincing title

The title is more important than the video. Your title must have the target keyword and it should be present only once in the title. The title should be created with the view of obtaining more clicks. Click-through-rate (CTR) is an important factor that must be considered for more views. It determines the ranking of your video on the major platforms. SEO is based on having major keywords with a catchy title. It is always advised to create a catchy title with the target keyword. Clickbait titles can be used for videos but they will bring more clicks and less audience. 

Description of the video/captative description

A description provides a deep understanding of the topic and it will act as an enhancer for showing up as suggested videos. Youtube, Vimeo, and other social platforms will suggest your videos if there is a good description of the content of the video. Make sure to have a 200-word description of the content. Many platforms display the first 100 – 125 words of the description on the main page. The description should also be simple to understand.

Video tags

Tags have never lost their importance in the video industry.  Popular video platforms still ask tags for optimizing the video. It is better to add simple tags that describe the content of the video. Each tag must have a keyword.

Eye-catching thumbnails

A good thumbnail increases your CTR. Videos have many parts to display and the most captive part may be hidden in some parts of the video and the default thumbnail on YouTube may not be good. For an older video, by using an eye captive thumbnail, you can increase the click rate. Most people decide to watch the video based on the thumbnail. Thumbnail is thus very important for clicks. If you are on a mission to increase your CTR, then this SEO technique will help you a lot. You can use colorful, exciting, and storytelling thumbnails. Leaving a watermark in the video will also increase the number of users as it leaves an expression that the quality of the content is good. It is no wonder that all major vloggers spend more time in preparing the thumbnail than the video.

Repeat the keyword in your video

Almost all the video platforms have transcripts to understand your video and they deliver nearly 90% of words mentioned in the video. When you repeat certain keywords like the name of the YouTube channel or your blog name, it will settle in the subconscious memory of the audience.

Mobile SEO optimization

The mobile view of videos is increasing steadily and has surpassed the desktop view. So, you need to optimize the content and viewing experience of the audience similar to the desktop view. For better SEO, the quality of the video should be equal in desktop and mobile views.

Adding caption

Google is based on text data, so if you can attach more text, then the chances of receiving clicks are more. Using more than one type of tag with different expressions of the target keyword will increase the chance of CTR. It will also help you to stand apart from your competitors. Scripting the video increases your video clicks. There is a huge audience for videos with scripts and even more if you prepare a video in the native language and add subtitles in English or German.

Video SEO is different from content SEO

Content SEO and Video SEO are different and if you practice content SEO for video, you will not get results. One video is equal to 1.3 million words and it says more than images and captions. So Video SEO is considered a different scenario than content SEO. Video makers are aware that SEO is important for creating more audience. A high-quality video with an excellent message will not reach the desired audience if the SEO is wrong.

A video marketing campaign is important for attracting more customers into the business. To make your business successful, Video SEO is essential!

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